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Single Rooms ~ per person per Night Bed & Breakfast
Single bed From £52-50
Double Bed From £59-00
Weekends (fri/sat) From £78-00
Double Rooms ~ per person per Night Bed & Breakfast
From £39-00 to £59-00
Family Rooms ~ per room per night Bed & Breakfast
Challenge Room (Double+Bunks) £125 to £156
Triples (Double+Single) £98 to £147

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We have cots, high chairs and Z beds if required.

Terms and Conditions

All prices are inclusive of V.A.T and are correct at time of going to press

At the point of booking we require a Credit Card Number, Expiry Date, Name on the card and the Issue number for Switch Cards.

We respectfully remind guests that a reservation constitutes a contract between themselves and the Hotel. Any reservation or part thereof cancelled within a month of arrival may be charged for unless the accommodation is re-let to another guest.

Penny Farthing reserves the right to cancel any bookings should extenuating circumstances or errors occur preventing them from proceeding. Please note this is not good for business and would only be through emergency or within ample notice to source an alternative. Penny Farthing will not be liable for any losses occuring as a result of such action.

Weekends are very busy all year round and normally require two night minimum stay for Saturday nights (Except Nov ~ Feb).

Many thanks, The Penny Farthing.

PS : Terms and Conditions explained a little......

It is 5-17 am I cannot sleep anymore and hope the following is of benefit and saves the Penny Farthing Hotel and Cottages having an unholy row with friends of your sister as I am sure none of this applies to you as we know you’re a good sort.

Stellioss Hahaihaveapassportandyoudonotalfayeddoyoulikekebabs of Easy Jet only has so many seats on each Airplane and Andrew Lloydbowttocksfaceamigaywebbing sells very expensive tickets to his performances and when you book these seats they are yours and your responsibility. They would never sell your space to someone else cos you have booked it (not actually you, obviously but someone like you booking a seat). If you are late/do not show up/change your mind for any reason you always still pay.

Hotels and accommodation providers are the same, except we are much, much, nicer, accommodating (excuse the pun) and understanding as things do happen and we, given a smile and a thank you, will always try and re-let the room to Jonny Justfoundagirllatebooker and not charge the original guest. Stellios does this too but keeps the dosh -- Stellios has a big Yacht. Stellios has a mate Ryan who has a few planes too if you cancel with him he just “laffs at ye and says your an iydyt!” We do not want/need/wish to charge someone if they do not stay but you must be responsible for beds you have reserved. (I refer to your sisters’ friend obviously, I am sure none of this would be you).

Here are some examples that are not our fault, just to be clear!

In March Francesca & Ralf (prenounced Raiffe) book a double room for a Friday and Saturday night in May to escape London for the weekend and see the new born Foals in the New Forest. Francesca (bored at work and finished her nails) on Thursday checks the weather and discovers that gales and rain is forecast all weekend. Ralf does not enjoy sex so she decides to cancel. This is not the Penny Farthings fault (the weather or the sex thing) and though we will try to re-let the room Bob, Alice, Steven, Tricia & Jonny Justfoundagirllatebooker also have BBC weather on their PC and have seen it is going to to ‘orrible and also decide not to book this weekend. (Francesca actually told the Hotel she could not come as she decided to wash her hair this week end. That’s not our fault either!)

The Lewinsky family have been staying with their children many times visiting Paultons Park and the Beaver and Owl sanctuary. Mrs Lewinsky calls on Friday morning to say that their daughter Monica having swallowed something nasty has an upset tummy and so they will not be able to make it this week end. The Penny Farthing will of course try and re-let the family room even as double and only charge the Lewinsky’s for any shortfall.

After Christmas Gary (works for Tesco collecting errant trolleys) and Leslie (training to be a hairstylist ~ currently puts the water on and sweeps up) decide to do the big trip from Norfolk to the New Forest for four nights in Gary’s’ newly “done up” VW beetle. It dies on the M25 and after a three hour wait in the rain they decide to get the recovery man to take them back to Norfolk as the really is an awful lot of oil coming out of lots of parts of the VW’s engine. Gary and Leslie cannot afford to lose their money as they have 42” Plasma (bought 2006 cost £1800), SKY TV monthly full package, a DFS suite and car parts all on their credit card and this was their only holiday of the year. This is not the Penny Farthing Hotels fault.

Priscilla (very delicate) and Hector book a room for four nights by email (Hector is a real PC wiz) and on arrival are little put out ~ “There are other people staying in the hotel ugghhh.! And there are cars driving on the road that comes to the Hotel! Mon Dieu!” Priscilla and Hector came by train. P&H don’t have a car and chose Lyndhurst as the Penny Farthing website said it was in centre of the New Forest and ideal to get about on the buses etc. The visitor centre and restaurants are all also close by. Walking up a country lane on the outskirts of the village they meet Dorothy Stanton-Hargreaves at her newly opened thatched cottage B&B and decide to move there for the next three nights returning to The Penny Farthing at 3-30pm to check out. This is not the Penny Farthings fault and if we cannot re-let the room Hector will be charged for the remaining three nights! They actually check back in to The Penny Farthing after two nights as they did not like sharing the bathroom with Lee Ho and Ching Chong who arrived there a day later.

Mrs Miggins (widowed) booked our single room at Whitsun weekend in May when her daughter Joan (Joan is a teacher) looks after Trixie her beloved King Charles. Joan has just bought a Toyota Rav 4 –“it’s great to be so high up”. On arrival she did not see Trixie as she backed off the road and well, you’ve guessed....

Mr and Mrs Mungo booked a double room for the week-end. Mrs Mungo loves the tea shops, especially in Burley village. When they arrive they have son Billy with them. Billy is six. Billy likes cake too. “It’s okay he sleeps in the bed with us when we go away and he does not eat much breakfast”. This is not on, luckily we were able to move the Mungos to Triple room otherwise it could have been very difficult. (Health and safety, fire regs etc etc)

Emma and Tony are getting married on August bank Holiday weekend and being jolly organised (Emma works in PR in the city) book 12 rooms for family and friends for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. On the Tuesday before the wedding aunt Ruby Coburn falls down the stairs and is really too shaken up to come. As it is the Tuesday before the bank holiday weekend the Penny Farthing are able to re-let the one room. Peter and Henry (friends from Brighton) have had a falling out and Peter is now coming on his own. He will have to pay the double room rate in full as the Penny Farthing cannot re-let the other side of the bed to anyone even though it is bank holiday weekend. Peter decides leave straight after the speeches on Saturday as he has to get back. The room has been serviced in the morning and although there are lots of folks looking for the odd last minute room at 3-30pm the chambermaids are gone and it is too late to re-service the room.

We try very, very hard to make The Penny Farthing Hotel and Cottages welcoming and enjoyable to stay in, sometimes we even have a little joke; regulars will note the constant re-investment to continue to achieve this. Our job is to provide a good service that can be recommended and hence rest assured we never wish to have an upset with anyone and will always do what we can to resolve difficult situations with a fair solution.

Sorry that last bit is a bit mushy but true! Happy travels......

"For the princely sum of just £98 a night the professional welcome, unobtrusive ambiance and privacy was wonderful"
Bill and Katy Middle-Castle from Surrey

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